Mobile Crane Support Handbook

David Duerr


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Mobile Crane Support Handbook is a comprehensive reference that is focused exclusively on the design and engineering of supports for mobile crane installations. Written by one of the leading lifting specialist engineers, this book addresses the full range of subjects needed for the engineering of mobile crane support in the construction job site environment.
  • 155 pages
  • 6" x 9", softbound
    Topics Include
    • Crane Loads
      • Crane Support Loads, Outrigger, Crawler Track, Variable Effects
    • Ground Bearing Capacity
      • Soil Properties, Structures Affected by Surface Loads
    • Crane Mat Strength & Stiffness
      • Standards for Timber Properties, Tie Rods in Timber Crane Mats, Steel  Mat Properties
    • Crane Mat Behavior
      • Balanced Mat Analysis Method, Alternate Mat Arrangements
    • Mobile Crane Support Design
      • Regulatory Language, Required Information, Crane Mat Design Process

    Type: Crane

    Vendor: David Duerr