Rigging Manual

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association


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The Rigging Manual applies to rigging equipment, materials, procedures and precautions used in the construction industry. Each piece of equipment and material has been designed and developed to serve a specific purpose. Recognizing its capabilities and limitations not only improves efficiency but also eliminates hazards.

Topics include: Wire Rope (Selection, Inspection, Maintenance), Fiber Rope (Types, Care, Inspection, Rope Splicing), Chain (Grades, Strength, Inspection, Care), Rigging Hardware (Drums, Sheaves, Hooks, Spreader Beams, more), Reeving, Slings (Configurations, Angles, Working Loads, Fibre & Synthetic), and Rigging procedures and precautions (Responsibilities, Center of Gravity, Signals).

  • 188 pages
  • 8.5" x 11.5", hardbound
  • Over 70 tables of information
  • Over 600 photos and illustrations

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